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Chief Executive Officer

Marc has been involved in Healthcare for over 25 years as an academic, a teacher and a proactive protagonist of disruptive technologies to change the model of healthcare services of the future. He has acted as a strategic marketing and Healthcare consultant to Aspen Pharmaceuticals , has consulted for a PEPFAR HIV management funded NGO to improve operational efficiencies and has several patents which were registered in the field of Telemedicine. His vision and understanding of the changes needed to improve healthcare in challenging environments drive this company’s diverse opportunities.

“Healthcare has failed to adapt to changes affecting our Gen X needs. New technologies, machine learning, connectivity and cumulative population health strategies drive the changes in where and how we deliver healthcare to the ever-aging and technologically savvy society. We must provide pragmatic solutions that focus on cost-transparency and efficiency to account for the growing inequality between the numbers of physicians and patients”.


Chief Digital Officer

A strong strategic visionary, Barrie has been pioneering digital offerings to create and support profitable business solutions for over 20 years. An experienced corporate executive, he has served on the boards of several UK and South African companies.
Barrie has collaborated on numerous strategic projects for a variety of Healthcare solutions companies, including the UK NHS, and airlines globally.

His keen insight into healthcare, the technology platforms and potential risks associated with new technology adoption will ensure that the systems supporting the business are proven, cost effective and most importantly able to adapt to our future needs.

“Use of cloud based connected technologies provides healthcare an opportunity to leapfrog in connecting the patient and specialist. It will drive synergies, remove silos and ensure effective resource utilisation to address healthcare costs.”



Head Oral Health Sciences Academic Learning Centre

Ebrahim, a dentist by profession, has experience in both the public and private healthcare sectors. He has managed private dental polyclinics and is passionate about dental education. He has co-ordinated undergraduate and postgraduate endodontic programmes at Wits University with his academic research been presented on local and international platforms.


mDiagnostics & mHealth Program Coordinator

A dentist by profession, with experience in private and public health care, dental education and medical aesthetics. Variza has a passion for medical technology and has produced research in this field and manages digital dentistry at a tertiary level. She is currently pursuing an MBA and plans to venture further into advanced health care management.

We would love to hear from you.
Please contact us on +27 (0) 78 398 2174 or send us an email at

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