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Areta Health

Is a future healthcare service provider of integrated solutions for the next generation, focusing on geographically-agnostic evidence-based services to all patients. Areta Health is creating a 360º Patient-Centric network of inter-connected Specialist Day Hospitals in Southern Africa, augmented with remote clinics and patient in-home monitoring.


Plans to establish 9 SDH’s within a 7 year period are well advanced. Its first license has been achieved to provide a 40 Bed, 4 theatre facility offering Hybrid and Minimal Invasive Surgical Techniques as well as a range of specialised service propositions on the North coast of KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Our corporate culture is rooted in respect
– for our patients and staff.


Areta means virtuous or excellent – we strive to live up to our name. Our logo is the hexagon with the Lunaria annua flower at its very centre – also known as the Honesty flower. The blue lines and text represent Integrity. The hexagon builds on our HIVE, creating strength through co-operation with adjacent and ancillary services.



To provide people-centric personalised private medical services anchored by comprehensive Specialist Day Hospitals in Africa.  The patient has the right to receive the right treatment:

  • Right time | Accessibility
  • Right location | Specialist Theatres and Services
  • Right outcome | Evidence Based
  • Right price | Transparency
  • Our patients are our most valuable asset & must receive the best possible care – without exception
  • Our staff are our pillars of service delivery and a key element of our success, so share the rewards of our success
  • Challenge the conventional model of healthcare service
  • Reduce the cost of Healthcare service delivery without compromising on quality of care
  • Establish an integrated Digital Specialist Day Hospital Group in Africa
  • Align our services proposition to the Health needs in South Africa and beyond
  • Underpin all we do with academic evidence
  • Provide a platform for lifelong learning in Healthcare across all sectors





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